Garcinia Cambogia Puts Fat Burning Power in Your Hands

julius-garciniaLiving each day with emotional, nutritional and physical balance is what motivates most individuals interested in bettering their overall health. And although the Superfruit Diet SDF-3 causes weight loss, there are so many health benefits in addition to weight control.  These are reason enough to include the plan into the daily regimen… Let alone that it includes the fat burning powerhouse garcinia cambogia. Amazingly, the powerhouse of antioxidants in these fruits, specifically acai, African mango, raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract, is unsurpassed in rebuilding the immune system, increasing longevity, improving eyesight, regulating blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and protecting the cardiovascular system, just to name a few. 

So look no further if you’re looking for the best diet pill – choose from garcinia cambogia or SDF.

Enjoying a longer, healthier life is simple to achieve as Dr. Oz has been advising his viewers for quite some time on his television program. The Dr. has kept abreast of all the latest health research and is interested especially in as pure and natural methods as possible of keeping Americans lean and healthy.
For example, acai berry, the small fragrant purple fruit discovered in the Amazon, has more antioxidants than any other fruit worldwide. With a taste that is a cross between sweet cherry and dark chocolate, it’s easy to include into a meal plan or morning drink. Although acai may be eaten or drank as a sweet juice, it also may be purchased dried for added convenience. 

In addition to acai,

Dr. Oz recommends African mango for its wide range of benefits that include detoxifying the body. One highly prized antioxidant that actually destroys fat cells is raspberry ketone. taken in supplement form, because to derive the best of its benefits, one would need to eat 90lbs of the fruit in its natural form. As remarkable as raspberry ketone is, the newest antioxidant on the market and one that is flying off the shelves and Internet websites is pure green coffee bean extract.

A study of 22 overweight participants were tested over a period of 22 weeks. These subjects were given a diet of 2400 calories, two separate dosages of green coffee bean extract, and asked to exercise enough to burn just 400 of those calories per day. 

The conclusion was a reduction in appetite, weight loss averaging seven pounds weekly, and a total total loss of 16% body fat. This is unheard of on a 2400 calorie a day meal plan. Fortunately, as more healthy antioxidant products are discovered, New Life Botanicals will be staying up to date. Currently, with the recent new health and weight loss discoveries, they have included these main ingredients in their Superfuit Diet Formula SDF-3.